Use OpenFYI to convey information about your web project's status, so users know how to engage with you.

Make the interface explicit. How do I interact with this project? When was it last updated?

How it works


A lightweight web-service, plus a small, asynchronous javascript snippet in your app.

As a User...

Step 1
Sign up for the service and create a Project. Then, get a badge, an embeddable graphic, or a unique embed code for your app.

Step 2
Add a bit of code to your page. And, let people know that your project is active!

Step 3
Each week, you'll get an email from OpenFYI with a prompt to update your project's status.

Make your project "Open"

OpenFYI is based on transparency.

Use OpenFYI to communicate a Project's status.

Is this project active?
When was it last updated?

OpenFYI contacts Project Owners at once per month.

What phase is this project in?
  • Ideation?
  • In Development?
  • Live/Maintenance?
  • Idle/Struggling?
  • Dormant?

Who runs this Project?
Get an idea about the people who craft the software.

Use OpenFYI to communicate with community.

OpenFYI is for solicting help.

Do you need help?
If so, what type? Design, technical, finance, etc?

Connect with complementary Projects
Collaborate with like-minded contributors!